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McCann Consulting Limited offers a wide range of products and services designed to assist leaders to create innovative solutions for tough times. Information on a selection of these products and services is available here for download:

Leadership Coaching

The nature of a leader’s work is becoming more demanding as expectations from boards, bosses and stakeholders increase. Many management tasks are now being undertaken by technology which means that the strategic, interpersonal and intellectual roles of leadership are under more and more scrutiny.

Learning Journey

Learning Journeys get us out from behind our desks and into the field, and let us see and hear from the wider system that we serve. We all see our own roles, wherever we work, through our own eyes and frame of reference.

Makes Meetings Matter Cards

If leaders don’t lead at meetings they’re not leading!  In the last ten years meetings have become a greater part of organisational life, with leaders spending up to 65% of their time at scheduled meetings and another 20% at unplanned meetings. That’s why we have to Make Meetings Matter and why we’ve created this tool kit.

Team Management Profiling

To accelerate the forming of teams and to help leaders understand their impact on one another, we use a variety of psychometric tests. We have selected the Team Management Index Profile developed by Professors Charles Margerison and Dick McCann as the one most suited to teams in NZ – and are accredited in its use.

Linking Skills 360 Degree Profile

360° feedback is the process of gaining insights from key stakeholders about how they see a persons or teams performance. They are a fantastic tool to gain real clarity about areas of strength and areas of development.

Idea Navigator

Idea Navigator is an innovation and problem-solving toolkit. It is a board game designed to help you and your team come up with solutions to business problems.