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Make Meetings Matter 3 - Questioning Part 2

Meetings are relational. Meetings involve people with all their talents, foibles, biases, fears and hopes. If we ignore the people at meetings we achieve nothing. Have you ever come out of a meeting feeling that it was a waste of your time? A waste of energy?...

August 20, 2018

Make Meetings Matter 2 - Questioning Part 1

My research identified leaders spending up to 85% of their time at meetings one to one and group meetings. My previous blog dealt with warming up to meetings, here I’m going to share some of the powerful questioning techniques that great leaders that I’ve observed use.  Powerful Questions  Most thought, people and specialist leaders ask great questions, often through years of practise.  I asked a group of leaders recently how they decide what questions to ask and here’s...

August 20, 2018

Make Meetings Matter 1

Leaders spend between 65 and 85% of their time at meetings, quite rightly, getting results through and with their teams.  There’s continual criticism about the amount of time people spend at meetings …. I’m not one of those critics.  Leaders play so many roles at meetings, listening, informing, reframing, disseminating and testing ideas.  Teams at meetings contribute through their risk analysis - is this practical or not? Will it work?  As well as pr...

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