McCann Consulting Limited is a research-based business consultancy, assisting leaders to create innovative solutions for tough times.

We consult with Chief Executives and Senior Leadership Teams from our field-research base about what works in day-to-day practical leadership. Our research has involved observing over 450 leaders in real-time, working with their teams. This research resulted in the development of a suite of practical Team Tool Kits designed to assist leaders to:

  • Accelerate teams to maximise productivity while maintaining staff engagement
  • Think strategically and innovatively
  • Create a culture of trust within teams
  • Develop compelling futures and visions
  • Reflect on the whole organisational leadership system
  • Use systems thinking to understanding the wider impact of an agency’s action on our wider society
  • Develop both strong management and board governance teams
  • Utilise the skills, talents and time of their teams
  • Develop and train leaders in 21st Century leadership skills – to deliver on their promises and create cultures and organisations that people wish to belong to
  • Identify innovative ways of solving the tough problems.

“We cannot solve problems at the level of thinking that they have been created.”  Einstein

We work in partnership with clients (and other consultants) to achieve agreed outcomes and transfer knowledge, skill and success stories along the way.  We provide the tools for leaders to leverage their time and influence positively, for the higher good.