What We Think

Our research has included topics as varied as:

Management of Large Scale Sectoral Change
Leadership and Management
The differences between 20th and 21st Century Leaders
Trust in Top team
Culture Creation
Real Time Observation of Public Sector Chief Executives

We will from time to time post digests of research findings.

Research behind the Make Meetings Matter Cards

If leaders don’t lead at meetings they’re not leading! In the last ten years meetings have become a greater part of organisational life, with leaders spending up to 65% of their time at scheduled meetings and another 20% at unplanned meetings. That’s why we have to Make Meetings Matter and why we’ve created this tool kit.

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How they trust at the top

The attached article first appeared in HR Magazine (New Zealand) in October/November 2010. ‘How they trust at the top’ examines how CEs define trust and what helps to build and and what breaks it. How they trust at the top

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